People and Society

Arts,  Culture, History…… it’s all about things that makes us tick and things that bring us together as a greater whole

Ludicrous Laws of the Land

This post was written over 8yrs ago and it may be even longer by the time you get to read it. Not sure if these ludicrous laws even exist anymore......that's up to you to decide. Here we go anyway....enjoy! We are taught from a young age to follow law without...

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5 Basic Ideas Of Social Justice

Social justice is a concept that is simultaneously concrete and amorphous. Pinning it down accurately is quite the challenge because it is as much an ideal as it is a number of tangible actions. Here are 5 basic ideas of social justice to shed light on the motivations...

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Words of Wisdom

I know I'm going back a bit in history but it's worth it . During his campaign to become President of the USA, Barack Obama was asked by David Brooks of the New York Times if he had ever read Reinhold Niebuhr. Obama replied that Niebuhr was one of his favorite...

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Is Your Cordless Phone Zapping You?

New research links these and other wireless signals to heart irregularities. A double-blind peer-reviewed study published in the European Journal of Oncology links cordless phones-which transmit pulsed signals similar to WiFi networks-to heart palpitations and other...

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Greener Holidays with Green Products

We all know how important it is to establish a natural harmony between the resources we use and the earth’s resources. It’s become even more important given recently released studies and more and more contrarians admitting they were wrong. Over time, going green has...

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