Clean Tech

Reduce waste and require as few non-renewable resources as possible

Renewable Energy: Why Is It Important?

As a source of environmentally friendly and renewable power, the potential offered by renewable energy is being increasingly well documented as the world’s supply of readily available and affordable fossil fuels begins to run low. One of the reasons for this...

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Recycled Glass – What Happens to It?

Glass recycling is one of the oldest and more popular of the forms of recycling that goes on. Bottle banks have been with us for quite some time while it wasn't that long ago when you could return used bottles on the promise of a few pennies. Those days may be gone...

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LED light bulbs are gradually becoming mainstream with green innovation producers and consumers, as they use less power, last longer and radiate more light on a pound - for - pound premise than usual glowing bulbs. Due to the prevalence of energy-saving LED lights,...

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