An eco-friendly car is the simplest way to be energy-efficient on the road while doing your bit for nature—and saving a substantial amount of money on fuel as well. In 2020, expect more features to the EV options.

Are in the market for a new car? You can do yourself and the environment a favour by opting to choose an eco-friendly car. This is a sure-fire way to reduce your carbon footprint as well as get some tax benefits and savings as far as fuel costs are concerned.

Just as you would for a regular car, there are certain features you need to look for to get the best out of an eco-friendly car. It’s an industry that’s advancing quickly, so make sure you’re up to date with the new models and styles and what’s happening for hybrids and EVs in 2020.

Look for lighter vehicles – in weight and colour

In order to make cars more eco-friendly, manufacturers are constructing them from light-weight materials such as aluminium. In some cases, even recycled materials are used, further increasing the eco-positive affect of the car.

This reduction in weight increases the mileage that the car gives you. In order to further enhance this light-weight design, car manufacturers don’t include indulgent leather interiors. Rather, they go with upholstery that is long-lasting and durable. These features come together to make the car more aerodynamic and efficient.

Lighter colours for the exterior of the car also goes a long way in making it more energy-efficient. Darker cars require more energy from the air-conditioning to cool as they can retain up to ten degrees more heat than lighter coloured cars do.

Opt for hybrid engines

Your choice of fuel is also important. Make a choice between gas, diesel, biodiesel and electric batteries based on their easy availability. Many eco-friendly cars allow you to switch between gas and battery. The benefit of these hybrid engines are that they enhance fuel efficiency. It also results in a silent car which makes driving a pleasure. Look at the various alternatives available and make your choice after some deliberation.

Fully electric vehicles may not last for long drives, as they need charging points and time to recharge. However a hybrid vehicle switches from electric to gas at the starting up phase, and recharges the battery as it drives.

Look for emission sensors

Eco-friendly cars in 2020 come with a number of in-built sensors that will help you detect emissions from your car and allow you to keep them in check. Such features allow for a reduction in emissions from the car and also help you stay within recommended limits according to the law.

Radar alert sensors warn you when you are getting too close to another vehicle and this can be life-saving in several situations. It is a feature to look out for. You can also look for air-filtration systems that clean emissions to a large extent before letting it out of the car, or before taking it into the car so you have fresh air, pollutant free on the inside, and no pollution sent into the outside.

Choose manual transmission and sports suspension

This may seem strange, but manual transmission cars are known to improve the fuel efficiency of the car. This is because it gives you better control over the engine’s performance. As a component of the car, it also holds less fluid and requires lesser fluid changes, making maintenance easier.

No one really thinks of looking into the suspension system of an eco-friendly car. But, this is a feature to look into for sure. Sports suspension gives the vehicle more grip on the road and reduces the need for the application of brakes, which in turns reduces consumption of fuel. In the long run, this also brings down maintenance costs for brakes and the accelerator. Thanks to tighter springs and heightened damping, sports suspensions also give you very good control on the road.

Safety features

There are several safety features that should ideally be included in your eco-friendly car of choice. Rather than choosing regular headlights, pick LED lights. These are much brighter, energy-efficient and ensure that you have a brightly lit road ahead of you. The chances of accidents in tough situations like fog are significantly lower with these lights. Also look at the varieties of seat belts that are offered. Inflatable ones for the backseat are a good idea. Child seat belts are features to look into as well.

While increased safety features will not make you a better driver, they will help you to avoid accidents, keeping your car insurance premiums lower and family safer.

These are five categories of features that you need to explore in depth when making a choice of eco-friendly cars in 2020. Of course, there are several other features you may want to incorporate based on your use of the car and the distances you intend to cover. Once you have such good quality features, it makes maintaining your no-claims bonus on your car insurance much easier as well. Eco-friendly vehicles get you from A to B in style, while doing your bit for the environment.

Photo by Felipe Simo on Unsplash

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