Schools are the foundation of our children’s future; however, it takes energy to consistently upkeep the buildings that provide our kids with an education. What better way to involve students in the “green-revolution” than to have their school participate in eco-friendly activities?

Here are some interesting ways to get your children or even your students involved with the “green movement”


Celebrate Earth Day!

Every April 22nd, host an event in honor of Earth Day. Some elementary and middle schools decorate their gymnasium, bringing the outdoors indoors and incorporating the Earth Day theme. Throughout the gym, little booths are set up, offering fun-filled facts, interesting information, prizes and snacks. Each booth should provide a different element of Earth Day, for example; some booths or tables can relate to information specifically about water pollution, recycling, conserving energy, global warming, or any other Earth-day related topics you can think of.

Cleaning Parks

What child doesn’t enjoy a day at the park, basking in the sun? One entertaining way to help kids adopt eco-friendlier habits is by taking a class trip to a nearby park. In a creative way, explain to your children or students why keeping the park clean is so important. After the hard work is said and done, let the kids enjoy the rest of the day playing. For this project, you’ll need; rubber gloves, garbage bags and smocks.

Re-greening the Earth

A popular way to teach kids about the importance of being green is by planting trees. Many middle schools partake in this activity, usually having each child in the class plant their own tree. Some schools have their students plant flowers around the school or plant potted greenery.

The Importance of Conservation

There are many fun, creative methods to teach younger children about the importance of conservation. Whether you want to incorporate fish or other ocean/sea life when it comes to conserving water or create a “light bulb mascot” that promotes the conservation of energy, talk with them about ways they can save water and energy, and the importance and the impact it has in their life.

The Three “R’s” of Being Green

Three words that every aspiring environmentalist or young child should know; Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. This “law” of being green can be accomplish with something as simple as setting up recycling bins in the  classroom; one for plastic, one for aluminum, and one for glass.


Interestingly enough, elementary, middle and high schools aren’t the only educational systems adopting eco-friendlier habits, even performing arts colleges are getting involved in the “green-movement”, providing an artistic outlet for students interested in social and environmental activism. The new Leonard & Claire Tow Center for the Performing Arts and the Theater for a New Audience, part of Brooklyn college in New York, has been making headlines as they construct their new LEED-seeking theater. If you’re interested in attending a green performing arts school or know someone who is, simply search for schools that host a LEED program.

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