In this modern age where our planet’s environment is at the forefront of all of our minds, it is important to try and do our bit to help out by reducing our individual carbon footprint and waste production. A workplace environment such as an office can be a wasteful one, somewhere that creates a lot of excess waste produce from paper and stationery to electricity consumption. But there are ways that you can turn your business into an eco-friendly one.

What can you do to improve the eco credentials of your company?

There are the obvious standard environmentally friendly issues such as ensuring all electrical equipment is turned off at the end of each working day. Of course, by turning off the lights and all the computers it will make a long term difference, but there is so much more that you can do to become a greener company.

Try to instigate a policy of communicating only via email unless absolutely necessary.

Also try to produce double sided documents when paper usage cannot be avoided; cut down paper usage as often as you can. When it comes time to update the exterior and interior of your offices think about the bigger picture. You can refurbish your existing furniture rather than buying completely new furniture in bulk. It will cut down costs and will prevent new materials being unnecessarily used.

Use organised charity days not only to give team building the chance to flourish but also to boost the environmental credentials of your company.

This can be along the lines of company sponsored tree planting as a way of carbon offset. It gives a relatively good starting point to help your staff become aware of climate change issues. They also raise the bio diversity index and provide habitats for a myriad of species so it is an all-round winner. Even better, you could locate your business on a business park such as Harwell Oxford, which take environmental steps of their own.

Recycling days in the community are another way to boost team building and to recycle your office waste successfully.

It is a necessary requirement for most people and by pursuing a public image as a company that recycles you will increase the popularity of your brand image in the wider community and show everyone that you care. It is not only helping the environment but will create a buzz around your reputation.

Take care to choose suppliers who are ethical and environmentally friendly.

If you receive deliveries take into consideration the distances involved. If you can find a company that will deliver at a good cost and from not too far away from your location, all the better for both company funds and environmental credentials. Choose to work with companies that have regular environmental reports and indicators of progress.

By choosing to take little steps across the board to increase the environmental outlook of your company it will make a difference.

It can be more beneficial to introduce steps incrementally that can be taken on a regular basis than to make a false and large gesture as a one off. You can create an eco-friendly business ethos for the long-term running of your company.


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