Technology and Constant Change

We are living in a world that is being constantly changed by communication technology and the wide spread adoption of social media.

Now everyone can have a voice that can be heard and a social movement can be launched from a computer, laptop or mobile. Anyone can be connected and interconnected to hundreds of millions of people at any given moment.

Social networks are continuing to grow and have become some of the most popular places for people to communicate, disseminate and share information and ideals. Commercial markets have been quick to exploit these opportunities to catch the attention of consumers and increase exposure to their brand both online and by using new mobile marketing techniques.

Sharing and Communication Emphasis

Because the emphasis is on sharing and communication, environmental and social change organisations would do well to consider how to tap into the broad reach of these platforms to involve and inspire the wider community

Social networking also provides a platform for building ‘virtual’ teams and communities. Environmental programs and initiatives require a wide range of skills, and social media networking platforms are perfect for bringing disparate groups and individuals together. They provide the opportunity to develop, foster, and share relationships within an organisation or even a belief system. They can provide the means to optimise knowledge management and revenue generation. Social Media can accelerate both awareness of known issues and even has the power to accelerate adoption.

LinkedIn is a great way to tackle talent shortages.

The growing rate of available sustainability technology and processes creates the need for knowledge and skills from a wider pool of talent.

Twitter is a brilliant platform on which to share ideas quickly, using the hash tag can accelerate and initiate worldwide conversations.

Facebook s a good place to set up branded account or accounts about particular movements or causes. You can use other social media accounts to publicise your pages and to gain support.

Social Media networks represent a shift in power from centralised institutions and to the people they represent. We live in an age where evolution of democracy is being accelerated by technology.

Here are some examples of how to use social media can bring about social change:

  • Blog for the Victims of a natural disaster
  • Use Twitter to raise money for a social cause
  • Support or create causes on Facebook
  • Use YouTube to create videos to promote your charity or cause
  • Use your mobile phone to spread news, messages and events
  • Identify influencers on social media networks and ask them if they would help by posting a message to their fans and followers

If you are not sure about the use of Social Media Marketing then why not go on a training course?

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