Despite being in a drought troubled area Rishi Valley School has successfully managed it’s water for the past 50yrs with management techniques like rain water harvesting.

These children are thriving in this eco school community and will all grow up to be more rounded and responsible  individuals, solving challenges and problems as they go through their lives.

Understanding that they don’t live in isolation is a distinct wake up call for these children who get to learn so much about the environment, the need to conserve and to recycle, and also who get enjoyment from tree planting which they consider to be really fun activities.

It’s lovely to see how these children get good exercise manually digging the soils, clearing drainage systems, and working the land for food crops for their school. I’m sure they have much time just to play too.

Targeted at students and teachers, this is a playful film that looks at education beyond the confines of a classroom. Children engage with the environment and have fun doing activities like composting, planting trees, recycling paper, learning about sustainable agriculture and water harvesting. It’s all about stepping out, getting dirty, having fun and learning from the environment.



Do you notice any differences in the attitudes and behaviors of these children compared to the children in your local community? And who do you think might become better global citizens?

Green “Schools for the Future”. It’s time to change.

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