It’s not so long ago that the options for outdoor heating were limited to open bonfires or just leaving the backdoor open to try and make the patio or garden a bit more comfortable. In recent years, though, there has been a marked increase in the options available for outdoor heating, everything from gas furnaces to the electric heaters you see in pub smoking areas and beer gardens.

While this has helped us heat outside areas and doubtlessly led to many enjoyable evenings spent relaxing in the garden especially with our BBQ’s, the environmental impact of this surge in electric and gas heaters should never be forgotten. Luckily, there is a way we can heat outdoor environments in a more eco-friendly way – by using chimineas.

Chimineas are beautiful outdoor stoves that have been used in Central America for centuries – both as heaters and for decoration

Although they are traditionally ceramic based, chimineas are now available in cast iron – which makes them even practical and reliable. Their durability and heat retention properties make them extremely energy efficient and long lasting.

Another reason to use a chiminea is that they run off renewable energy sources and eco-friendly fuels, rather than the fossil-fuel guzzling gas and electric heaters. For instance, there is a great range of eco-friendly chiminea fuels available that work as an alternative to wood – burning hotter and longer than regular wood and offering greater energy efficiency. The fact these fuels are made from compressed saw dust (recovered from mills and joineries) means that you are essentially recycling waste while heating your patio!

As well as there being specialist eco-friendly fuels available for chimineas, you can also use them to dispose of your own garden waste

Trimmed branches and uprooted woody shrubs, for instance, work great as chiminea fuel – as do autumn leaves and so on. For the full effect, all garden waste should be dried out thoroughly before using it as chiminea fuel.

Chimineas are a brilliant, effective and environmentally friendly alternative to gas and electric heaters. As well as providing more than adequate heat, they can help to cut down our dependence on non-renewable fossil fuels and focus on sustainability via recycling and efficiency.

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