Do you really know what is in your chicken and your eggs when you buy at the supermarket for cheapness?


Most chickens and their eggs are pumped with antibiotics.

Do you need to be eating these antibiotics in your own diet all the time? We now know, scientists know, everyone knows, that more and more diseases are becoming resistant to anti-biotics due the misuse of them.  Pulverising our animals and ourselves with antibiotics that have been passed down in the food chain is like sitting on a ticking time bomb. two free range chickens raoming outside

Mother nature gave us and chickens everything that we need so why do we think its best to keep chickens in cages and not let them the freedom to have some fun and be happy on healthy natural ground full of lush grass and bugs and other things that they can eat? Sounds like a life of sheer bliss doesn’t it? Well it is and being free and healthy and happy is every animals rights too.  If you really saw caged up chickens and the distress that they suffer, and then saw chickens free to roam and be happy I doubt you would ever buy a chicken that wasn’t free range and organic ever again.  There really is no comparison.

Chickens that are allowed to roam freely are always much healthier and grow much faster.

Surely this makes sense?

But don’t be fooled by free range chickens that are not organically certified.

Not only are the chickens and your eggs pumped up with antibiotics but the ground that they are eating from is also pumped with chemicals too.  Organically reared chickens on the other hand enjoy freedom and excellent standards, being moved regularly to different areas or pastures to eat more fresh food. It’s something to think about if you are raising your own chickens because you don’t want your chickens to be eating grasses which are contaminated by chicken poop. Moving the chickens allows for the poop to naturally decomposes and add essential nitrates back into the soils for healthy fresh new growth to occur.


Organic Egg Farm Interview, Free Range Chickens, & Ethical Animal Treatment Vital Farms

Whats the difference between how conventional farms care for their chickens to produce eggs and how an organic free range farm cares for the hens? In this video, we take you to a certified organic farm that produces eggs. The women in the video discusses the organic methods and techniques used to raise their chickens and produce eggs and how this is different from conventional farming.


How did you enjoy your chicken today?  

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