WEEE Recycling Initiative Based On An Ethical Ethos Of Two Good Friends

  The idea of an electrical waste recycling business was that of my business partner, who I met whilst working for a national waste management company. I was based in IT, whilst Paul was in working in the training and business systems department.  It was an idea conceived after a couple of things: hearing of European … [Read more...]

Ethical. The ONLY choice for me

  Pamela Ostrom Lynx Leadership I grew up in the country. My dad was both a small business owner and a farmer. From him, I learned to love the land and the pleasures of simply being out in the fresh air and sunshine. I learned to love animals and treat them right.  I learned that hard work better be its own reward … [Read more...]

I made a conscious choice of ethical

  Abdul Founder of Sueka Heating and Lighting I made a conscious choice to go it the way I felt ethical and just to my family I moved over here from Germany with my family and joined a long time friend in business. We were three of us. The long time friend with whom I was actually more acquainted through emails than personal … [Read more...]

Two Men on a Mission to Change the Planet

 Phil Turner tells his ethical business story and the ideas that made his book "Your Planet Needs You" possible. For some people there is a single defining moment, a damascene conversion, the giant “A-ha!” For others a slower and more gradual awakening from the dream in which the human race is currently held, in which we are … [Read more...]

Your Ethical Business: Your Story

  For that special touch that really counts...make sure your customers know the real person behind your ethical business! Read more ethical business stories YOUR story is a great source of inspiration to anyone who is hoping to set up an ethical business but most importantly it is a fantastic opportunity for the ethical consumer … [Read more...]