We all have have a social responsibility

to make the world a better place

and not just take from it.

Ocean Contamination

  Imagine, if you will, the earth as a human body, and all the water in rivers, lakes and oceans as that body’s blood supply, filling the lungs (i.e., the atmosphere) with oxygen and taking wastes away via delivery to the kidneys, liver and intestines (and...

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Construction Going Green

Global warming and a growing energy crisis have many would-be homeowners and building operators demanding greener construction practices and completed structures that are more energy efficient. Although the initial costs are higher than with traditional construction...

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The Slow Food Movement

Ann Cooper, head of nutrition for the Berkeley (California) Unified School District, believes in educating children to improve their health and their planet. She's transformed school lunches into organic, regionally sourced and nutritious meals, while staying within...

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