Polar Cap Productions: The Antarctica Challenge

we give a thumbs up for ethical businessesThis is everyone’s opportunity to get a real awareness of how climate change or global warming is affecting the polar ice caps and what the outcome will be for our future as we reach the point of no return from melting ice caps and sea levels rising.

The videos each deliver a startling message and an urgency for us all to act now. Stop burying our heads in the sands…



Climate Change is really happening and we all need to do something about it and FAST.

Polar Cap Productions is a new environmental film and television production company with a mandate to tell entertaining and educational stories about our environment and, in particular, our fragile polar ice caps: the Arctic and the Antarctic.

The Antarctica Challenge: A Global Warning can be purchased here:


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  1. its absolutely frightening isn’t it? waht on earth have we done? and what are millions still doing. I just cannot understand why the gov’t doesnt just put more bans on things like imports of silly plastic toys by the zillions and zilions. Thats on example that everyone can do without.
    Ok there might be a case for some plastics like tubing and things in hospitals but it can all be kept to a minimum essential. There is just no need for plastic bottles for everything. shampoo toothpaste… oh god the list is endless and its just NOT STOPPING.
    AND CHEAP HOLIDAY FLIGHTS… by the millions each year. STOP this mindless destruction now. Make flights for essentail things … some cargo but only essential cargo… and make them more expensive and ONLY educational flights to learn about our planet with eco educational visits to help conserve our world. No need for those of you to helloer that these flights will only be for the wealthy. you can bloody save up for a quality experience instead of taking 4 cheap package holidays each year.

    • I couldnt agree more Sue. Christmas is coming and there will be tons and tons of plastic and imported cheap toys for kids bought this year.
      And yes we should save up for those once in a lifetime flights to learn more about our planet and i’ts people and animals. All cheap package hols should be banned completely. Brilliant ideas…

  2. It is really frightening but if this is the planets way of saying you had your chance and now its my turn to put things right once again then thats our destiny. I think really we are f u c k d anyway but IF we are to survive weve got to do more and faster than we are. Our govts are a complete failure with only keeping the economy at any cost going. and because we vote them in they willlead us all to an untimely end alomg with out poor planet.

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