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Arts,  Culture, History…… it’s all about things that makes us tick and things that bring us together as a greater whole

Introduction to Organic Gardening

Organic gardening is quickly becoming popular in the gardening world, and rightly so, as organic gardening is helpful not only for the food you ingest but also for the environment. Organic gardening deals specifically with the type of gardening that is all natural and...

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Medicine for the 99%

The public outcry concerning the disparity of the very rich to the rest of the population has coined the term "the 99%." They are the folks who do not control the wealth in the United States. They are the disappearing middle class, the working class, the working poor...

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Green Communities and New Urbanism

New Terms for Old Fashioned Neighborhoods Back in the day, neighbors sat on their front porches, and got to know each other. When they needed something, they would walk a short way to the corner store. Communities were built around a central gathering area, where...

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Coffee: Spilling the Beans on Its Origins

Yes, 50% of us can’t bear to face the day without a cup of coffee or two in our tank.  But how much do you really know about your cup of Joe? For many long-time coffee drinkers, finding out the truth about coffee’s origins is intriguing. Not only does understanding...

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Can Online Education Breach the Divide?

Online education can be a great solution for many people. You can study online if you have a job and don’t want to lose it or if you want to change your career path and don’t have enough money. It is a great tool for studying on a low budget. At the same time can...

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Manufactured Housing for the Hermit Crab

Hermit crabs are interesting creatures. Born without shells of their own, they spend their life squatting in the cast-off shells of other gastropods, trading up as they grow and need more space. However, due to pollution, shell collection by humans, and other reasons,...

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