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How to Write Advertorials that Really Work

Since the 1940s, advertorials have been quite commonplace in magazines. They can be informative, enticing, and could turn visitors into buyers. Instead of an outright advertisement for a specific brand or item, advertorials seem more like informative...

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City Planning Now For A Sustainable Future

  Medieval folk knew well the impact of urban design, or lack of it. In the Middle Ages, cities grew as population demanded, with little to no planning, and the result was filth, congestion and poor sanitation, contributing to a squalor that bred pestilence. Before...

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Trends in modern science

In the fast-moving modern world, change is constant. New trends and new advances abound. Nowhere is this more evident than in the field of science. Here, we provide a glimpse of the major trends in modern research and development (R&D). Of course, the science field is...

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Eliminating the Obstacles to EV Adoption

With gas prices soaring and petroleum supplies dwindling, the electric car, at first glance, seems like a no-brainer. Unfortunately, many obstacles still stand in the way of electric vehicles (or EVs) gaining widespread public acceptance and a competitive place in the...

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Ocean Contamination

  Imagine, if you will, the earth as a human body, and all the water in rivers, lakes and oceans as that body’s blood supply, filling the lungs (i.e., the atmosphere) with oxygen and taking wastes away via delivery to the kidneys, liver and intestines (and perhaps...

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