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Social Media for the Environment and Social Change

Technology and Constant Change We are living in a world that is being constantly changed by communication technology and the wide spread adoption of social media. Now everyone can have a voice that can be heard and a social movement can be launched from a computer,...

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Tips for Increasing Building Efficiency

The overall energy consumption in the United States can be greatly attributed to buildings. In fact, buildings are responsible for almost half the CO2 created in the United States. At the same time, both commercial and residential...

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Chemical Drain Cleaners – The Hidden Dangers

Toxic chemicals are used in many store bought drain cleaning products and they pose a threat to you and the environment. Chemicals such as sulphuric acid, caustic soda, and sodium hydroxide are found in many of these products and work by ‘eating’ away at the drain...

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Fighting The Dangers Of Asbestos

A look at Asbestos and how it is in so many buildings until it was found to be extremely dangerous and how it is proving to be costly to get rid of. Asbestos removal has been an expensive task undertaken by local authorities and private property developers since the...

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The Latest Innovations in Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is seen as a way to both invigorate an economy in need of new job sectors, reduce the amount of pollution that is spread across the world, and manage fuels and resources in a sustainable manner. Renewable energy innovations are developed by...

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Sustainability and Solar Pathway Lighting

  In the wake of a new millenia, the world is focusing on sustainability: how to reduce plastic in the oceans, how to stop the glaciers from melting, and how to reduce human impact on the environment?   Yet, sustainability isn’t just about going green. It...

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