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Cloud Computing and Sustainability

Everyone seems to be jumping on the cloud computing bandwagon. The reasons behind this diverse and ultimately, good for business.  Cloud computing provides more flexibility and faster response to page loads. Businesses only have to pay for the services they use,...

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Looking for the Next Jet Fuel

The search for alternate sources of fuel may sometimes seem like an issue limited to the automotive industry. And its true that at this point the automotive industry takes up a much larger chunk of the carbon pie than air travel does—that’s because car travel is part...

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Construction Going Green

Global warming and a growing energy crisis have many would-be homeowners and building operators demanding greener construction practices and completed structures that are more energy efficient. Although the initial costs are higher than with traditional construction...

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Cleansing the Air at the Expense of Our Water

Power plants around the country are among the major sources of the pollution problem in our country, and one of the biggest contributors to global warming around the world. Coal and nuclear plants produce toxic waste that can show up in our environment in potentially...

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Freeing Energy from the Grid

It's no secret that environmental problems have put our planet in jeopardy. Whether you consider the rise in temperature as a result of greenhouse gases and global warming or the depletion of the Earth's non-renewable resources, it's clear that preservation efforts...

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The Slow Food Movement

Ann Cooper, head of nutrition for the Berkeley (California) Unified School District, believes in educating children to improve their health and their planet. She's transformed school lunches into organic, regionally sourced and nutritious meals, while staying within...

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Passivhaus Real Estate

When companies are considering constructing new manufacturing centers, they have to concern themselves not only with finding the right property for sale, but also whether their new building will comply with an environmentally beneficial building method, such as LEED...

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