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The Business Etiquette of a Conference Call

Times are changing in the business world but you can still only be in one place at a time. What is changing is the state of business technology that has grown to allow brands to be more productive than ever. Businesses can meet virtually through conference calls but...

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Deforestation and Damaging Effects

Deforestation is the rapid and almost total eradication of huge tracts of trees, both hardwoods and evergreens. Hardwood trees, which can be found in temperate regions in the northern, eastern and bottom-land regions of the United States, are a group of more than 50...

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CAFOs & E-coli

Have you ever had food poisoning and wondered why it’s so easy to get sick from food? The main cause of food poisoning comes from bacteria known as e-coli; this nasty little bug lives in the stomachs of cows and pigs and can find its way into meat. If the infected...

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Clean Natural Gas?

According to reputable energy sources, the United States has abundant reserves of natural gas. In fact, the U.S. leads all other nations in its harvesting of this clean energy resource, tapping into the 2,543 trillion cubic feet that energy experts agree will fuel our...

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GM Wheat: A Heritable Disaster

In Australia, the government is engineering a wheat species that can shut down parts of its own genetic code. Permanently. This development wouldn’t be quite so appalling if the molecules in this genetically modified (GM) grain didn't also line up with...

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