For that special touch that really counts…make sure your customers know the real person behind your ethical business!

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YOUR story is a great source of inspiration to anyone who is hoping to set up an ethical business but most importantly it is a fantastic opportunity for the ethical consumer and potential business associates to get to know the REAL YOU!

How do I tell my story?

Deep in thought

What inspired you to set up your ethical business? We want to hear your story.

Your story is an honest and sincere account of your reasons for setting up your ethical business. What gave you the inspiration to follow your journey. What were you thoughts about the world and did you set up your ethical business driven by the need or the want to make a difference? Who helped and supported you along the way? Did you have many obstacles to overcome and how did you do this? There is so much that you can share with us in YOUR STORY

(Your story should not be set out as an advertisement although obviously your business is at the core of the story so there is opportunity to add a link back to your ethical business website.)
Here on Pledging for Change our ethical advertisers are all welcomed to share their ethical business story.

We really look forward to sharing YOUR story!

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