V3Solar is a company based in both California and Oregon.

They have put an entirely different spin on conventional solar panels.

I can assure you that their new invention does not look like anything you’ve seen before.

According to V3Solar, the

The Spin Cell produces over 20X more electricity than the same amount of PV on flat, static panels




What is it about the spin cell that is so different?

How on earth is a spinning solar panel increase the electrical power output?

There are several factors involved here.

  • The efficiency rates of solar panels can drop significantly when exposed to heat. By “spinning” the solar panels, or just exposing them to air in motion, the temperature of the tiny solar cells will go down. This does not only lengthen their lifetime, but also boost their performance.
  • The next innovation is the cone system, which allows the solar cells to absorb solar energy at a 56 percent angle to the sun.


V3Solar’s CEO, Michael Neistat, says that:

the key to solar is not the cost per watt. By increasing the “power density” (producing more watts per square meter) V3Solar has the potential of lowering the cost for land, installation, and maintenance.


If their claim of 20 times the efficiency turns out to be true, the solar industry could potentially become dramatically changed in the next couple of years years. On the other hand, V3Solar has not made any statements about costs.

And of course, if the spin cells also ends up being 20 times more costly “for the same amount of PV on flat, static panels” , we`re almost back to square one.


V3Solar website



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