QVC: Spreading The Word About Super Suka Heating

The creation of a video to present on the QVC channel seemed like the next logical step for Suka Heating.

With many thanks to Chantal Cooke for creating the video and of course many thanks to SUKA for who I am sole distributor in the UK.

Suka is going from strength to strength with new an innovative ideas for saving energy and helping the environment.

New technology to increase the efficiency of the Suka heating systems just gets better by the day. In this video you will learn about all the sensors, and how they can control your heating system easily and by the flick of a switch.



To find out more get in touch with me Adbul RaaJ of Sueka Heating on 01179415396


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About Abdul Raaj

Süka is an efficient electrical heating and controls systems company also involved with renewable solar energy. With a highly skilled multi ethnic workforce enriched by diversity and united around one goal: “to make the generation and use of sustainable energy accessible to all”.

Süka originated in Germany and was founded in 1970 as a heating systems manufacturer. While we remain the market leaders in the distribution of eco-friendly energy efficient electric heating systems, we also specialize in renewable technology and are leading solar energy product manufacturers and wholesalers in Germany.