As education funding is cut lots of schools are trying to find ways to save money. One way of doing this for this school in Oklahoma City was to go green.

Learn more about Pledging for Change’s  grants funding for Schools for the Future here

With some unique characteristics inside and outside the building Metro Career Academy money saving and being kinder to the environment was inbuilt in to the new building which was a LEED design. (The challenge is how can these kind of things be incorporated into exisiting school buildings which might be very old?)

I do think when the student talks about the carbon monoxide monitor that opens windows to help them to breathe better, she actually means carbon dioxide levels. Raised carbon dioxide levels in over heated classrooms affect concentration and decision making capabilities.

Carbon dioxide has been vilified for decades as a driver of global warming. A new study finds signs that CO2, exhaled in every breath, can exert an equally worrisome threat — impaired cognition — in nearly every energy-efficient classroom, meeting hall or office space. Science


Spot the fantastic green roofs and rainwater harvesting sytems.



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