Greener Pastures is an ecotourism enterprise based in Northeast India which is engaged in promoting travel, conservation and sustainability in remote & exotic destinations.

How it started:

Founded in the winters of 2011 by two friends, I and Neil, Greener Pastures was formed out of an urgent need to preserve the very rich bio and cultural diversity that exists in Northeastern India. Located at a very important conglomeration of environments and cultures, the region’s wealth in recent times has been under threat from issues such as logging, poaching, mining and the effect of climate change in the Himalayas. Being travel enthusiasts, ecotourism was something that interested us. Accordingly, we spent time researching on the benefits of ecotourism and decided it was a brilliant way to actually make a difference and at the same time sustain ourselves and so something we like. Greener Pastures was thus formed.

What we offer:

As Northeast India is quite a blessed place when it comes to landscapes, wildlife, nature and tribal cultures, it has enabled us to offer our guests some quite unique and interesting experiences. For example, since Northeast India is considered to have one of the richest biodiversity in the world, many of our tours deal with safaris and treks in wildlife rich areas, such as the ‘Great North-East India Wildlife Tour’. The region is also considered as one of the most culturally diversified places on earth as it is home to more than 200 indigenous tribes who trace their ancestry to faraway lands in Mongolia and Southeast Asia. These tribes live in remote places and practice sustainable living in most of their daily lifestyle. Naturally, many of our tours deal with our guests experiencing these cultures and their lifestyles firsthand, such as the ‘Central Arunachal Pradesh Tour of Tribes’ and the ‘Tribal Tour of Nagaland’. The third most important category is our adventure experiences. Since the region is extensively covered in remote Himalayan mountain terrain, we get to offer some breathtaking treks and rafting expeditions to the adventure seeker. Currently, our most popular adventure is ‘Trekking in the Himalayan rainforests of Namdapha National Park’. Other than the above, we have many other special interest experiences which can be browsed in our website.


Our biggest achievement has been to receive guests who have come from around the world. They have supported and encouraged us. This in return has helped us in providing a continuous and sustainable source of income to the many communities and wildlife departments we deal with. It is also a two way experience, as when a tourist appreciates the local lifestyle, they end up encouraging the locals  to continue their traditions and sustainable practices. Our passion and dedication has helped us surge partnerships with a few leading and specialized travel businesses from India, UK and USA. We were also invited by the Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati, in an event which showcased some of the leading startups of India. People have also started to notice our endeavor as we have received encouraging mails from change makers, writers and media persons.

To end with, the future does seem bright. People all around the world are making conscious decisions and are choosing ethical lifestyles. And as travel is a self enriching experience where both the traveler and the local interacts and gets affected, it is important that tourism is practiced responsibly and progressively.

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