Bathroom cleaning for the average homeowner can’t feature very high on the list of the most enjoyable tasks, can it? Well, it certainly doesn’t for me!

But thankfully, diligent scientific research has advanced our use of nanotechnology, and delivered an answer to my prayers – self-cleaning glass.

Finally, the drudgery of cleaning can be banished into the past.

Save Time.

Everything from bath screens to a whole variety of shower enclosures can now be specially coated with a stream of nanoparticles, and so they can clean and disinfect themselves!

This nanotechnological glass works in two stages.

The first stage involves a photocatalytic reaction, caused by the particles in the coating. These particles react most effectively to natural light, which starts the oxidisation capabilities of each particle. Developments in the sector are continually lengthening the wavelength of light to which the particles react, meaning that indoor light can also begin the oxidisation process. With an oxidising ability stronger than bleach, the particles activity is more than capable of preventing fungus growing on the glass surface. At the second stage, having been broken down, the water along with the particles of bacteria are encouraged to drain away. All that is needed is to give the screen a quick spray of water, and the shower unit will be looking as good as new!

Safe to Use.

Given its powerful antibacterial strength, how safe is this coating for use by the general public? Well, thankfully, the coating can only be activated by direct light. So, if a bath or basin is filled, the water will lessen the intensity of the ray of light, and the coating will remain inactive.

Great for the environment.

The ability to break down organic material naturally is a real time saving benefit. Such coatings are also excellent for those who face physical challenges, such as the infirm or elderly, as it can virtually eradicate the task of cleaning. Furthermore, not only does the task become easier for the general public, but it is also great for the environment. The job can now be done without excessive use of chemical disinfectants, ensuring less damage to the planet in the long run. The benefits of this can go well beyond the family bathroom. Many commercial and public sector organisations, as well as hospitals and charities would be able to easily improve standards with this specially coated glass.

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