Clean Tech

Reduce waste and require as few non-renewable resources as possible

Clean Energy: The Wave of the Future

In recent years, it has become clear that a major transformation must take place in order to secure our energy future. Damage wrought by carbon and other greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions is causing the earth to warm, destabilizing the global climate. The possible extent...

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Looking for the Next Jet Fuel

The search for alternate sources of fuel may sometimes seem like an issue limited to the automotive industry. And its true that at this point the automotive industry takes up a much larger chunk of the carbon pie than air travel does—that’s because car travel is part...

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Freeing Energy from the Grid

It's no secret that environmental problems have put our planet in jeopardy. Whether you consider the rise in temperature as a result of greenhouse gases and global warming or the depletion of the Earth's non-renewable resources, it's clear that preservation efforts...

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New Energy Usage Statistics

Once upon a time the United States was powered almost solely by petroleum and crude oil based electricity. Today, though, things are much different. In addition to independent green initiatives, more of the “traditional” power companies are getting their power through...

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Trends in modern science

In the fast-moving modern world, change is constant. New trends and new advances abound. Nowhere is this more evident than in the field of science. Here, we provide a glimpse of the major trends in modern research and development (R&D). Of course, the science...

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