Thanks For Helping Us With Green Schools For The Future

Our Green Schools for the Future forum is now launched and this post is especially reserved to thank the businesses and the people who are currently helping us to raise the funds for greening up schools.     Many thanks so far to the following who are helping us to get off to a great start Dave Hampton: The Carbon … [Read more...]

Your Ethical Business Can Make a Positive Impact: Pledging for Change

As an ethical business member on Pledging for Change you can make a positive impact helping others. You can then go on to share in our revenue which is YOUR HAND UP FOR A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE. When you make a PLEDGE FOR CHANGE.... you are NEVER alone.   … [Read more...]

Wealth Creation for Your Business

The creation of a healthy wealthy ethical business is easy with these few steps. Build your business with integrity and honest and be transparent in all that you do Work for more than just profits, and reach out and help others too. Give people hope by providing jobs and quality training. Turn your business liabilities into … [Read more...]

Does Forum Marketing Still Work?

Ask any quality ethical SEO company and they will still say that forum marketing still has an important role to play on your overall SEO and marketing strategy. This is particularly relevant if you are a member of a quality forum that is in your niche and that is going to be around for a long time growing and supporting you as a  … [Read more...]

Helping Students Become Lifelong Learners AND Focus On Careers

  It's the ultimate debate among educators: are we training students to be lifelong learners, or are we preparing them for their future careers? Why can't it be both? I work with high school students in Philadelphia, and, like many teachers, take on more than one role in my busy school. Specifically, I teach AP English as well … [Read more...]

Online Education Admissions is Making the World Smarter

  The internet has given us many gifts, but one of the greatest benefits has been the focus on global online education. It is possible for anyone with an internet connection, no matter where they live, to learn anything from geometry to physics to conversational Mandarin. Organizations such as Khan Academy have sprung up … [Read more...]

How can SMEs save on costs and help the environment?

The question of 'green issues' is something that any business operating today needs to consider across a wide range of different scenarios. Not only are there governmental regulations to adhere to, there are also questions of public concern which can affect client and customer relations as well. With larger companies, the ability to … [Read more...]

Good Leaders Tell Stories

  How do you get excited toddlers to calm down before bed? You tell them a story. How do you teach first-graders how to share, how to treat others respectfully and how to be tolerant of differences? You tell them stories. How do you help middle school students understand the Holocaust, the Civil Rights Movement or the Vietnam War? … [Read more...]