Do something mad or daring and you might get sponsored

There are  more and more companies using alternative ways to advertise their products by jumping on the bandwagon of what I can only call “crazy mad people who doing amazing things or stunts that are not for the feint hearted”

Completely bonkers but where would we be without them?

Even when I was watching this video my heart was skipping a beat  and when they mentioned the high roof beam being slippy ( with a little french thrown in)  I thought yeah… one false move and your life is over. Sheer madness but you have got to hand it to them for their bravery. Really strange how people get a huge buzz out of daredevil antics. It’s the adrenalin rush that keeps them wanting more and more.

Of course they are not going to fall are they? Because they are wearing the non slip footwear..  the advertising company wouldn’t fare to well if there boots weren’t actually non-slip now would they?

Have you been doing anything crazy lately that might earn you a small packet with company sponsorship?

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Did you heart skip a beat?

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