Times are changing in the business world but you can still only be in one place at a time. What is changing is the state of business technology that has grown to allow brands to be more productive than ever.

Businesses can meet virtually through conference calls but often with this new method of meeting, businessmen and women do not know how to show proper etiquette.

We have constructed a list of tips on how to get the most out of a conference call because speaking through the phone rather than face to face can be tricky.

Set up an Agenda Prior to the Call

No one wants to meet with someone who doesn’t have a purpose when they are speaking. You do not want to go into a conference call without an outlined plan on what you are going to speak of and address. Being organized helps your productivity, and being organized in your approach to the conference call will get you a productive business meeting.

– Know who you are addressing.
– Jot down some talking points and a few goals of the conversation.


Be Comfortable

Since you are in your own domain, be as professionally comfortable as you can be. If you feel at ease, you will speak with confidence rather than rambling when the other end of the phone asks a tough question. This isn’t to say you should engage in the conference call in your pajamas, but sit in an open room so everyone can hear the other parties. Furnish your meeting room with comfortable conference room chairs and possibly a central speaker so no points of the conversation are missed.

Don’t talk yourself out of what you want

There is such a thing as talking too much. Get your point across concisely–time is money. You do not necessarily have to be short and sweet, but just remember not to veer away from your ultimate goal. The people you are speaking to can most likely tell if you are talking with a purpose or not, so if they can sense it then it will effect their thinking in a negative manner. Allow them to give you their input, if you are trying to get a deal on paper, state your points then give them room to speak on feedback or certain ideas they wanted to introduce. If need be, here are marketplace advertising and promotions strategies that you can explore prior to the meeting.

You Can’t Remember Everything!

You might think your memory is top notch but this setting isn’t the right place to test it–so take notes on everything that is being said. Write like a reporter and take down ideas and short form sentences that will represent the bigger picture of what was discussed. Just as you prepared an agenda, prepare a tangible outline of the meeting which will come in handy if you need to ask follow up questions or use your notes as a reference in the next meeting.

  • – Be a student and take notes on everything!
  • – Write your own questions down and the answers to those questions.
  • – Jot down everyone that was included in the conference call or skype meeting.
  • – Here are some additional tips onhow to take good meeting minutes.

Close on a Good Note

As the conference is coming to a close, subtly review the major points that were touched upon and discuss with your team what assignments they now have. Don’t leave the call with any grey area. Make sure everyone is be on the same page.

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