We might sometimes complain when we live in area that gets a lot of rain or snow –

but imagine how much you’d be complaining if you lived in one of the World’s most dangerous residential areas!

These areas are pretty normal on paper (perhaps no different to the neighbourhood you live in) and yet they are constantly at an incredibly high risk of being struck by a natural disaster. Have a read through this list, and maybe you won’t be complaining as much next time you have to de-ice your car…

Valdivia, Chile

Only 50 years ago, did this city endure the worst earthquake ever to be recorded in history.

The earthquake which was recorded at 9.5 in magnitude shook the city like no other and yet the city managed to react quickly because of their preparation for such a disaster. Although almost 40% of buildings were shook to the ground in nearby suburbs. This area owes its survival to the well planned evacuation and protection methods they had put in place, but they are still witnessing earthquakes 50 years on.

in for a bit of a storm

If you think you might be in for a bit of a storm spare a thought for places in the world where natural disasters put our regular stormy days into perspective

California, USA

The danger here is mainly caused by the presence of the San Andrea Fault – a natural landmark that runs through the city and creates an extremely high risk of earthquake.

The SAF is about 700 – 800 miles long and is a household name among residents of the Californian state. The fault can cause minor earthquakes and tremors but it can also be responsible for much larger ones too – which incites fear in many people looking to move there. The 1906 San Francisco earthquake was probably the most famous and disastrous, but rarely has something on that scale happened again.


We all know how prone to earthquakes and floods Japan is (a look through the tragedies of 2011 would give you all the information you need, if you’re not familiar).

This country is highly populated and yet people continue to live there despite the sheer volume of natural disasters every year. To their credit, Japan pride themselves on being highly prepared for anything, and with their great science and technology they are much more prepared than any other country in the world. Schools and work places have practice evacuations and drills every month or so to keep people calm and collected when a natural disaster does strike, and this level of preparation means fatalities and injuries are often kept to a minimum. In 2011 though the country witnessed record breaking earthquakes, tsunamis, flooding and radiation damage.

Dallas, USA

Dallas is prone to pretty much every type of natural disaster, except earthquakes.

The American State (according to The New York Times) ranks highest in the USA for natural disaster risk, with storms, hurricane remnants, twisters, hail, strong winds and floods. As you can image – this would scare many people off – and yet the area remains populated and remains a popular residential area.

Florida, USA

The state of Florida (not located too far from Dallas) is perhaps the residential area most prone to Tornadoes.

Sitting on the south-east coast of America, the state seems to be constantly hit by minor tornadoes, and the occasional big one. The state is used to being issued tornado warnings and the protection and methods of coping are gradually becoming much more reliable and established. The state experiences two main “seasons” of tornadoes – the summer season and the deadly spring season, both bringing about different types of strength and destruction.

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Image: Victor Habbick / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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