The rising competition for consumers in the modern market is causing sleepless nights to most marketers all over the world. Some consumers are getting increasingly concerned about the rising prices of basic commodities and for this reason; they are now looking for cheaper alternatives. This has also led to an increase of counterfeit products in the market since they are quite cheap, according to most consumers.

On the other hand, legitimate manufacturers are trying their best to reach out to consumers through various marketing systems such as the use of classified marketplace ads and print marketing.  In this world where most consumers are now getting used to the usual sales pitch, it’s becoming quite difficult to win their hearts by introducing a particular product in their lives to substitute the counterfeit ones. However, this is very possible provided you have the right marketing techniques suitable for the modern consumer.

1.  Direct communication 

As said earlier, most consumers are getting tired of the usual marketing tone from various manufacturers and that is why you have to earn their confidence.

You must to do all you can to convince them that your products are better and they can be trusted.

It is not really necessary to communicate directly to your clients all the time but you can do it once in a while through phone calls or direct emails. This gives them a sense of trust and loyalty towards your company.

2.  Barter trade marketing

This is a unique and effective marketing technique that most people don’t know much about. In fact, this technique is helpful for small-sized businesses trying their best to succeed in the crowded market.

It is all about exchanging your products or services with a particular company and in return, you will be awarded with free advertising space.

This promotes good relationship between the two companies especially if they depend on each other in various ways such as the acquisition of raw materials.

3.  Taking advantage of personalized merchandise

The importance of conserving the environment has always been emphasized all over the world and the marketing fraternity hasn’t been spared either.

For so long, most marketers used brochures, posters, leaflets and other paper-made products to communicate with their consumers but this trend is slowly coming to an end, thanks to the introduction of personalized merchandise.

The use of paper for marketing contributes to deforestation since wood is the main raw material in such a case. This is why the use of promotional pens for marketing is widely seen as an eco-friendly way of promoting a particular brand to thousands of consumers in the targeted market area.

Some of the benefits of using these types of pens include;

·  Affordability

·  Easy to read and interpret the embedded message

·  A great way to tighten the bond between consumers and manufacturers since these pens are mostly offered free of charge

·  Easy to share between different users, therefore making it easier to spread the company’s logo

4.  The word of mouth

This is probably one of the best marketing techniques that will never be ineffective even after a million years.

You can simply spread the message about your company to the people around you and you’ll be sure of great traffic without spending a coin on it.

The best thing about this form of marketing is that most consumers normally want to associate themselves with a particular company or brand and when they get the chance to do it, they can never let you down.They want to go out there and boast to their friends or relatives about their close relationship with a particular leading brand and on the other side, everybody will be eager to know more about your company, thus increasing your popularity in the market.


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