Protecting oneself from the vagary of life can be almost a full-time job nowadays. When the hits seem to come from every direction, one cannot seem to catch a break, and evil abounds beyond all decent reason, it’s time to turn to preserving ourselves. Those who have practiced metaphysical or religious rituals are utilizing what they have learned more than ever before as even those formerly effective methods seem to be faltering. Those with knowledge of the occult (which means ‘hidden’) are looking for ever more powerful incantations for security in this world-gone-mad that seems to be heading straight to Hell. No wonder everyone is so tired-it takes a lot of energy to keep the energetic shield up around the body.

Valerie Olmsted

Valerie Olmsted From her many years of experience in conventional medicine, Dr. Olmsted has found that many patients are unable to attain a state of health using the conventional drug therapies. She has also found that the normal state of function of the body is often forgotten by medical professionals in the race to provide results on demand. In the journey of healing, each patient must be considered as an individual, unique organism. Naturopathic Medicine is a traditional medicine system, which recognizes these innate differences. Dr. Olmsted strives to find the appropriate therapies for each person, ?even if they?re weird?. Her goal is to help clients find health in the most gentle, efficient manner possible.

Feng shui practitioners are well aware of the cycles of Nature and the types of things that can truly upset one’s world; perhaps permanently. Utilizing the natural flow of energies, increasing the positive and inhibiting the negative, the Master of such an art stays apart from the whims of the world. Would it surprise people to discover that feng shui is actually quantum physics applied correctly? Modern scientists have only recently begun to prove what Buddhist monks have known for over 5,000 years. While they do not call what they do quantum physics, they are actually using the Laws of the Universe, which they have learned through thousands of years of observation of Nature.

So here’s the choice: use your own bio-energetic field to keep an energy field around yourself and your property, or use some items that have been specially crafted to do it for you. There are many feng shui devices that serve as major protectors; one need not reinvent the wheel. There are 5-element pagodas to protect against the #5 Yellow Star of Misfortune, which brings illness, injury and death. For the 3 Killings of Love, Money and Reputation, there are the statues of the celestial guardians: Chi-Lin (Kei-Loon), Pi Yao and Fu Dog. There are also the Deities said to protect one from all sorts of troubles, from Buddha, Quan Yin, Jesus Christ, Archangel Michael, to Krishna, Kali, Shiva and others.

One can change the energetic atmosphere of the abode quickly by smudging with sage or ringing a 7-metals bell. Constant protection requires the ‘big guns’ like the 5-element HoTu pagoda, which can be found on my website and is the ‘mack-daddy’ of protection against that evil Star of Misfortune. When the #5 Star and the #2 Black Star of Illness are on the same axis (as in 2010), the danger is quadrupled, requiring much greater attention to such problems. The most dangerous time is when the yearly and monthly stars are in the same part of the grid; extra caution is necessary in such times.

The prudent person who really desires less of the roller-coaster ride in life might just want to consider feng shui as a means to greater enjoyment of that life. While most people seek out such practices to gain wealth, they are missing a very important law of energy: when you increase the intensity of positive energy, you also increase negative energy. Without the proper placement of the ‘cures’-protective devices-the intensity might just be enough to wipe out any benefits of the positive. For those who have “tried feng shui and it didn’t work”, it is suggested that they look into the Flying Star school of feng shui. For those who fear the addition of the ‘energy cures’ might ruin the aesthetics of their home décor, there is no need to worry. There can be hundreds of feng shui cures scattered throughout the home without anyone but a practitioner of the art noticing. After all, what is more important-the home décor or protecting health, wealth and happiness?

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Dr. Valerie Olmsted is an author, naturopathic physician, metaphysician, feng shui practitioner, internet entrepreneur, artist, speaker, and lover of life. Traveling with the Quantum Vortex Experience, she has helped thousands of people reach the inner connection they are seeking and has contributed to the discoveries of manifestation practices via quantum physics applications. For more information of that nature, go to

A practitioner of traditional and flying star feng shui, DrValerie has helped many clients restore order and enjoyment to their lives with feng shui. By combining quantum physics with feng shui through frequency-infused feng shui cures, rapid improvement can be achieved. To that end, specially-infused feng shui items may be found in the eShop section of her website,

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