If you want to get the word out about your cause one of the best and quickest ways to do so is to host, organize, or participate in live events.

Whether it’s a march, rally, lecture, presentation, or something else, live events can have a huge impact in awareness for your cause and allow for greater hands on engagement if you do it right.

What’s Already Going On?

Call it the low lying fruit, but first look on-line and in your local paper for upcoming events. What’s coming up that you can piggy-back on? For instance, everyone knows Earth Day is in April so many communities already have green events taking place. Can you get involved with one of them? Look into sponsorship opportunities. Is there a media outlet attached to any of the events? They too may have different types of event sponsorship/booth packages available.

You may celebrate Earth day every day, but April is a great month to capitalize on your Karma.


If you are not able to find any pre-slated opportunities then you may want to consider hosting or organizing one of your own. Before you commit, realize it really is a commitment and will take a lot of work, but your efforts will be worthwhile in the end. Be sure you check into all of the permits (if any) you will need.

If you don’t already know how (or know someone who does), learn how to properly put together a press release. You will need this to send to the media, upload to the Internet, and otherwise pass-out. Understand what your cause is about and what your goal is for hosting your event. Be able to talk about it dynamically. Your passion can spark the same flame in others.

Social Media For Social Change

They don’t call it “Social” media for nothing so get social with your cause. Understanding how to use social media for social change is important to your effort. Using tools like FaceBook and Twitter can expand your reach — not only to educate, but also to inspire and recruit. One of the best ways to engage people on-line is to implement a killer contest. Not only does this allow you to generate a data base for further outreach, it positions you and your cause in a positive light.

Get It In Their Hands

Look for natural fabrics, recycled papers, and Eco-friendly inks and dyes when you are ordering promotional materials.

If your event is environmental in nature, be sure you are using as little paper and other waste products as possible. Flash drives are great for distributing large amounts of information, images, or video paperlessly. Keep flyers small. A single 8” x 11” flyer can instead be four 4” x 6” “post-cards”.

Shirts are great event give-a-ways. You can check options at ooShirts.com to start getting ideas.  Consider the season you will be giving them away in; hoodies or t-shirts? Also, and this is important, if you want people to be happy about winning or receiving one, make them special and worth wearing. Typical generic business/promotional looking t-shirts are nice, but try to put some creative effort into incorporating an event specific — or catchy, wear-worthy slogan or graphic. It really is up to you whether people will wear them or not.

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