Learn to Save Money, Learn to Go Green!


Gone are the days when it was hard to find an apartment equipped with solar panels that would move to follow the sun’s trajectory.

Today, things have changed a lot and you can find a number of “green” buildings where you can find people turn fog into drinking water or produce more energy compared to what they use.

The idea of going green is fast becoming popular, not only because it helps the planet Earth, but also because it allows you to save a lot of money in the end.

learn to be green and save money
If you’re always on a tight budget and want a way to manage your expenses in a better way, you should seriously think of going green.

Although you can start going green in a number of ways, following are a few good suggestions for the starters.

  • Trade, borrow, or consider buying used items. Right now, the greenest thing to do is stay away from buying anything new. Whether you want CDs, books, or movies, bag the idea of buying new copies. You may want to visit your local library to find all this stuff for free. You may also consider making use of the internet to find quality used goods locally.
  • If you have time and right place, consider growing your own food. The best thing about planting your own garden is that you will be sure of getting organic and healthy food. Not only will this help you save a lot of money, it will help your planet as well; no transportation is involved in this case, resulting in no climate change emissions.
  • Learn to green your energy on your own. You can always start with energy efficiency. For instance, you can replace your incandescent light bulbs with more popular and useful energy-saving compact fluorescents. You should also unplug your toasters and small appliances, as most of them will draw electricity even if they are turned off. This will have a direct impact on your energy bills, resulting in better savings and less pressure on the Planet.
  • Try to use organic, sweat-free clothes. The clothes you wear are generally assembled in sweatshops after being dyed in harsh chemicals and treated with pesticides. Wearing organic clothes is a more favorable choice, mainly because it’s healthy. If you think it’s expensive, buy used.
  • Go online and find a site that offers green home products. There are quite a few of them, and you can use these stores to buy green cleaning products like stains, paints, household cleaners, carpets, furniture, etc that don’t contain volatile chemical compounds.
  • Opt for fair-trade and organic personal care products instead of using regular body care products that cause birth defects, allergic reactions, and even cancer. Some of these products also contain oils and extracts that harm the environment.
  • Learn to use the waste sensibly. Instead of using tap water, you should consider washing your vehicles or watering your plants using collected rainwater.
  • For heating and lighting, make use of alternative energy sources. You can always go for geothermal heating or solar-powered lighting. It’s less expensive and doesn’t harm the planet.

The fact of the matter is that if you learn to go green, you will learn to save a lot of money as well.

You just need to educate yourself about the whole concept, and always make sure the money you save in the process is also  invested in a greener future; this is for the sake of your generations to come.

Chris is a professional writer and a big time supporter of green living. He has also contributed posts about money saving through green living on Elite Money and now through Pledgingforchange.Com he want to create awareness for green living. He takes pride in reaching us again with one more thought provoking post.

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