It is important to promote and praise ethical businesses and corporations that treat their customers, the community, and the environment with respect. Gauging a company’s individual ethical policies can be difficult, as many unethical and unsavoury activities take place behind closed doors. Still, job seekers can look for the potential signs of an unethical business and rely on information from a variety of sources.

Seeking out ethical jobs

By promoting and supporting forward-thinking businesses, job seekers are doing a good service for the future of their country and humanity in general.

Defining an ethical business is an arduous task in and of itself, but people generally believe that an “ethical” business is a business that doesn’t go out of their way to support sweatshop labour, ensures the absolute safety of their workers, of their customers, and of the environment.

For example, British Petroleum could be called an “unethical” business operation because of their lack of attention to some of their oil rigs. BP left these rigs in a state of disrepair knowingly, and so many people and animals were injured and killed as a result of the company’s unethical actions.

Here are some excellent ways to find work with ethical companies online:


When looking at any particular company for employment, look at a number of activist websites and make sure that company isn’t listed for any major violations.

In addition to this, look at the legal history of the company and any lawsuits they’ve been involved in. For example, if you’re planning on working for a chemical company in Dallas, the company may have been involved in a class action lawsuit versus a group of townspeople who claimed that the fumes or runoff from a chemical processing plant made them unhealthy. Try to avoid companies who have been in a number of class action lawsuits regarding their individual business ethics.

Ethical businesses look for ethical workers.

Don’t be afraid to seek out volunteer work with an environmental activist group or a non-profit organization.Progressive businesses are looking for green thinkers with relevant credentials, so it’d be a good idea to start off by browsing for local volunteer opportunities.

Focus on seeking out positions at “green’ companies or government positions.

Work for either the public sector or businesses who invest their research in green energy or green living. Another good industry is companies that provide care for children and seniors.

There are a number of online databases that list companies with no major ethical violations.

Search through these resources and find an ethical job in a field of interest.

The Internet is a good resource for finding information on company history, policies, and ethical concerns. It catalogues an unprecedented amount of knowledge for the concerned jobseeker, which enables a new generation of employees to make wise decisions about who they want to work for. In the past, this sort of information was only available to academics and lawyers.

Working for ethical businesses is a silent protest to corporations who refuse to comply with international ethical concerns.

By promoting and supporting forward-thinking businesses, job seekers are doing a good service for the future of their country and humanity in general.


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