When selling a business, reaching a pricing decision that is fair for both the selling and the buying party is desirable. This can be done by making an effective trade show.

Here are a few points that may help you organize a trade show at an expo.

Feel free to extend the list by adding ideas through your experience and creativity too.

What the venue of the trade show isTrade show exhibition

Find out the different trade shows at expos that might happen in your geographical location in a given time period. Evaluate each venue on the basis of the size of its visitors, the costs, the facilities and distance from your business location. Once, the venue is decided, make arrangements as soon as possible. You don’t want to end up making last moment arrangements.

Who must go to represent your business at the trade show

Your business should be represented in a balanced way. Under-representation will lead to an ineffective presentation even if the company’s performance and assets are perfect, while over-representation will be like the broth being spoilt by too many cooks. In case, the trade show requires your personnel to travel, this decision will be even more important given the extra travelling costs.

What must be displayed

In case you are selling products instead of services, you might want to put up samples of your products. Decide which products to showcase and which ones to leave out. This too can be an important decision if your area of display at the expo is small and if the material will have to be transported via air travel.
If you deal in services, something abstract, decide the medium you will use to show what the service is like. Select the most engaging of mediums such as live demonstrations, videos, etc.

How much to share

When you are trying to sell, it is natural for you to be tempted to mention every significant strength of the company in the presentation. However, this might not be the best ideas. Carefully analyze the pros and cons faced by a buyer when buying your company. Select the strengths that are the most relevant, re-callable (for later times) and strongest. Do mention the disadvantages of buying your business too. Of course, you wouldn’t be singing away all your weaknesses but certain ‘safe’ weaknesses can be shared so that those listening to you can trust you for your honesty.


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