How Close Are We to Driverless Cars In Every Day Life?

Self-driving cars once seemed as futuristic as cars that could fly.

However, innovators across the auto industry have had their sights on driverless cars for years, and fleets of test cars are currently pounding the pavement all over the world.

Nevada recently passed legislation allowing autonomous vehicles on roadways — the first such law in the US — and Google has patented autonomous vehicle technology.

Driverless Cars Infographic





This graphic illustrates the technological features and systems of a self-driving car that we could be seeing on our streets sooner than you might think:

  • Cameras mounted in the rear-view mirror, windshield, and headlamps are designed to determine lane lines, spot hazards and road signals, and use infrared technology to see in the dark.
  • Wheel encoders determine the car’s speed.
  • Rooftop ranging systems use lasers to capture a 360 degree view of the car’s surroundings.
  • GPS navigation systems accurate within 1.9 meters.
  • Accident-prevention radars that alerts the vehicle when someone is in its blind spot.

Driverless Car Infographic by the Law Offices of Daniel R. Rosen, an auto accident law firm in Denver with 10 offices across Colorado and 30 years experience handling tens of thousands of accident and injury cases.


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  1. I think with the way our technology is improving everyday, we are that close to having driverless cars!

    • anything that can prevent drivers from hugging my car boot will be great Dale. Maybe this driverless technology will have them auto brake at a good safe distance from me. It’s not that I drive exessively slowly in any way… it’s that I drive carefully and ususally a maximum of 60mph on the motorways. So why do they come up right behind me ( even when I’m in first lane correctly) in order to overtake. Start your overtaking earlier if you must but don’t back hog another car and cause distress by being too close to them.

  2. Hi great infographics pointing distractions as a major reason for the most of the road accidents. It is important to understand the driving is a job requiring utmost caution.
    Jeremy from coach hire Dublin

    • Even with the imposed large fines for being on a mobile phone I still see drivers regularly using them. Maybe these driverless cars can make mobile phones “immobile” by blocking the signals unless the phone is plugged into a hands free unit or something, until the car is pulled over and parked in a safe position?

  3. Driverless cars are good news for everyone as they would lessen road accidents leading to broken windshields, wrecked cars, lost lives. I hate it when I am driving and there is a car right up the back end of me. We should ignore these cars driving closely but they can be very intimidating which in turn can cause an accident due to lack of concentration. You just know if something happens that they are going to slam into the back of you. If there is a way to make their cars slow down and keep a distance then this will be a great thing.

  4. Hi Karen,

    I think the technology already exists to have driverless cars. Several car makers have their own tracks where they simulate road conditions to refine the technology further but the biggest hurdle today is infrastructure. These so called driverless cars need roads that are especially made for them. These cars need sensors, cameras, GPS navigation systems and several other tools that are quite expensive to install along the entire length of roads. And with the bad economic condition across the world, it will be several years before we can see any of these on road.

  5. Hi
    I watched a program recently about using convoys of driverless cars on our motorways over here in the uk. They only had 3 in the demonstration. But I think it is a great idea if you could enter the motorway join a car train say when you want to come off then sit back and relax until you have to come off.

    I for one am for it lee

    • Oh you dont think that would be similar to relying on public transport then? We all know how unreliable that can be don’t we? Unless a car train convey works in a different way of course

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