How and Why We Should Plant More Trees


In the modern age of an increasingly polluted landscape and the removal of the world’s greenery at a fast rate, we all must do our bit to try and curb mankind’s excesses and bring a bit more health back to our environment before it is too late.

Planting trees can improve our quality of life, enhance the surrounding environment and can even improve a community feeling within the local area.

There are chances to plant trees in urban areas to give a pleasant atmosphere, and areas can be developed through volunteer schemes and the landscaping of business parks.

Plant trees save the planetSome business parks, such as Arlington Business Park in Reading, have taken part in local schemes to plant huge ranges of trees around their locale. Again, it gives them an instant presence within the local community and provides a friendly face to the name. With schemes such as this, the local community can come together to see local businesses doing something good for the community and the environment as a whole.

Volunteer groups around the globe have sprung up in recent years to mastermind environmental challenges and schemes. Volunteers tree planting groups are one such popular escape for many people who want to make a difference to their environment.

With cooperation with local councils and government it has been possible to plant trees in locations that have previously become derelict within urban areas and town and city centres.

This provides much-needed scenery and greenery to desolate and grey landscapes as well as helping the environment.

Such schemes also extend to the countryside, where forests have been demolished to make way for new developments. In some cases there now have to be limitations on the amount of vegetation destroyed, or the promise that new trees will be planted as replacements in different locations close by to any development.

Many multi-national corporations now have schemes in place to plant trees in locations that have huge swathes of land available. It is often a marketing ploy to make them more environmentally attractive to the modern day consumer, who is conscious of the human role in the slow destruction of the planet; but even so, it can only be a good thing. There is often a programme of three trees planted for every purchase from said company, for example. It can boost sales for the company itself, as well as give back to the environment.

It is important to plant more trees in order to clean our air by releasing oxygen and storing carbon. From a purely aesthetic point of view, trees within the urban landscape can give a community a much nicer feel and bring communities together. With regard to volunteer groups, the large scale planting of trees offers fantastic opportunities for businesses to enter the community. With all of these points in mind you can see clearly the benefits to planting more trees for the long term future of both communities and the world as a whole.

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