Are you thinking about guest authoring on an established blog with a fast growing readership of ethical consumers and promoting ethical business and green living?

We are often looking for guest bloggers and high quality guest blog posts are welcomed.


Some posts will enjoy priority publishing and promoting but this open to negotiations between both parties. A sort of you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours scenario. Make of it as you wish but is in everyone’s interests that we work together for more mutual benefit.


All Blog posts on Pledging for Change must be original content and not previously published elsewhere or SPUN content. Links to ethical business only will be considered.

To offer a guest blog post you need to be a registered subscriber to Pledging for Change in the first instance and then you should contact us to request guest blog posting which is always subject to our quality guidelines. ( being a subscriber does not automatically guarantee that guest posts will be accepted and published, it simply means we are more liable to review the post ahead of the queue.)

Sign up to our guest blogging newsletter in the sidebar to your right. This will give you the link to register to our site in your welcome email. You will also be able to reply to any of the emails easily if you have a guest blog post to offer. We can also send you regular emails with topics/niches that we require filling and you can reply letting us know if you want to guest blog post in that topic/subject area. Sometimes a business contacts us and is willing to pay for a writer. We will forward these requests via the aweber newsletter that you are subscribed to on your right. It’s just a great way of organizing our guest bloggers and being able to reach out and offer great guest blogging opportunities.

All ships rise together.

Subscribing to our site means Pledging for Change will rise in popularity and become an even more desirable place to be. It just makes total business sense and everyone wins.


Unlimited Blogging for Premium Ethical Business Members

As a premium ethical business member you can post unlimited times and in many different styles. Why not give us your best advertorials and promote all of your products,services and videos? Membership for ethical businesses offers many privileges which you might want to look at here.


Authors or guest bloggers are always welcomed to contribute to Pledging for Change providing they follow our simple guidelines.

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