In line with our grants for schools for the future our much awaited Green Schools for the Future forum is now ready and waiting for you to join.

Green Schools crowd funding forums, getting kids parents, communities and educators back in touch with nature.

Everyone and every ethical business is welcome to join us, so please do join us and take away everything that you need for your ethical business and family, whilst at the same time knowing that 100% of the profits from your membership is dedicated to greening up schools all over the world.

What’s the plan?

The idea of the green schools forums is to bring whole communities together and to develop plans, provide services, knowledge and expertise and in many cases to encourage local people to volunteer in local schools to help them to get the vital infrastructure in place which is necessary for ongoing learning and connection of everybody back to nature.

Green schools resources and funding for major green projects

There are many existing and in most case free resources available in communities and on the web already but there is very little in the form of funds, especially when it comes to the larger jobs like digging up tarmac grounds and replacing them with natural environments where kids can learn and grow together in harmony with our planet and develop a deeper understanding and respect for planet and all living inhabitants.


Together as ethical business owners and good people we can raise all of these funds, whilst at the same time take away much more for ourselves too.  Not only can we learn together and get better connected locally, but we can also build our own business brands and our own self esteem as we go along.  As an added bonus we can also learn to share in revenue, and create a more sustainable future too.

You learn how to join us here

See the Green School forums as they are growing here


If kids are our future why is it that we are educating them in institutions that are detached from the natural world?

Together we can make the difference and turn the tide ensuring a more sustainable future for all.

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