Green Role Models: Celebrities and their E-Cars


Celebrities have the ability to influence people’s decisions on everything from what to wear, eat and drink to where to party or vacation.

Sadly, more often than not, fans have a way of emulating the most frivolous of these celebrity trends. At their worst, celebrity antics can inspire lewd, garish and surprisingly immature behavior. Luckily this is not always the case!

Some of today’s biggest trendsetting A-listers have quietly shifted away from extravagant and ostentatious automobiles towards environmentally conscious hybrids and electrics. Hopefully these celebrities have enough clout with their fans to finally make greener vehicles attractive enough to buy.

After all, now if you want to drive the same car as A-listers like Brad Pitt and Billy Joel (an A-lister in my book) you don’t need a Porsche or Lamborghini. All you need is a Prius!

Pruis cars for A list celebs

A Listers are setting an example by trending environmentally conscious hybrids and electrics

The Toyota Prius is already the most purchased, widespread hybrid car in the US, both for celebrities and regular Joes. The list of celebs zooming and zipping around town in their Prii includes Harrison Ford, Ellen DeGeneres, Leonard DiCaprio, George Clooney, and Cameron Diaz. While I imagine their electric hybrids are fully pimped and loaded, you have to respect these celebs for embracing and flaunting vehicles that are both better for the environment and attainable by the average Joe.
Tom Hanks has gone a step further than most in his green car quest.

Wanting to slash his carbon footprint as much as possible, Hanks wasn’t going to settle on a mere gas-electric hybrid.

Before Scion even had a fully electric car, Hanks took a standard gas-powered one and ripped out the engine and drive train to make his own 100% Electric vehicle. Of course, as soon as Scion developed the xB, their all electric car, Hanks was the first to receive one. Nowadays when not in his tricked out electric Scion “e-Box,” Hanks drives to and from his L.A. production company in an adapted Toyota Rav4. Hanks is so proud of his electric 4WD’s over 47,000 gas-free miles, that he’s even made a youtube video about it.


It’s a nice change of pace to see Hollywood’s biggest A-list stars coming down to Earth and embracing the same simple, pro-Earth changes that so-called “regular folks” can make in their lives. Hopefully as more and more A-listers champion green causes and Earth-friendly products, their changes will be picked up and emulated by fans the world over!


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