There are various reasons why EFTE foil is being used more widely in modern architecture


Ethylene-tetra-fluoro-ethylene (EFTE) is becoming more widely used across the world within modern architecture.  It is the main component used to construct the innovative “texlon” cladding system being used more and more frequently by designers everywhere.  EFTE foil is a modified co-polymer, and multiple layers of the foil is used to create texlon cladding.  It is a product originally produced and developed specifically for the space industry, which makes it quite a unique product; its characteristics ensure it does not degrade due to exposure to ultraviolet light.  Nor is it negatively impacted upon by air pollution.

Why designers choose EFTE

As the global community becomes more environmentally aware, more and more businesses are opting to try and make their premises “greener”.  Designers are also becoming more conscious of the environment and as such are increasingly looking to incorporate eco-friendly elements into their designs.  EFTE foil is an extremely environmentally friendly product.  When combined to create texlon cladding, these are inflated with low pressure air which provides a natural insulation system for the building.  Using EFTE foil as a central component of a buildings’ design and ultimately its structure ensures the buildings’ impact on the environment will be minimal.

There are numerous other benefits from using EFTE foil in a building in addition to the positive environmental impact.  Texlon cladding created by the foil is a very smooth, with anti-adhesive properties contained within the compound.  This means any building constructed with this is usefully self-cleansing from rain water.

Designers are also able to customize the cladding created using the foil to the requirements of each building.  Texlon allows very high levels of insulation as well as excellent light transmission and is able to be optimized to react to the levels of sunlight on a given day and adapt their insulation as well as solar transmission levels depending on the conditions.

Quirky landscaping

The properties of EFTE foil enable Texlon to be engineered into any shape or size specific to each project’s individual requirements.  This gives designers unlimited scope to produce innovative designs which look amazing while also not blighting the environment.  Elegant, aesthetically pleasing structures can be created by designers using the foil.  There are some excellent examples of EFTE foil being put to use in modern architecture throughout the world, and there has been a great deal of critical acclaim for the impact it has had on architecture and design in recent years.

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