Bicycle Vacationing with the Whole Family

There are three substantial movements that have been happening in this country over the past couple of decades. The first is an increased attention paid to daily impact on the environment. Another is the American drive to defeat obesity and stay fit. Finally, the new American family is trying to recapture the ‘together time’ that families knew more of in the past.

Cycling Vacation

get the kids pumped up for a bicycling vacation and start exploring the roads less traveled

All three of these developments can perfectly accommodated by a bicycling vacation with the whole family. The great part about a bike ride is that nearly everyone can come along. Give them a set of training wheels and even the kids who haven’t been walking for long can ride too. If your little one is a little too little, then there is always the option to give him a lift in a behind the seat carrier, a tow-along carriage, or with a tow bar that will allow him to feel part of the group as he is pulled along atop his own miniature bicycle.

Once you have made the decision to take to the trails for this year’s vacation, you will likely be very happy to find that the world is one big bike route.

There are literally trips designed around bicycling in all corners of the globe. The best part is, they don’t have to break the bank.

There are a few things that you should do in preparation of a cycling vacation before you even book the tour.

First and foremost, ensure that each member of your family is well equipped. These rides are not your average scoot-about-town variety. Comfortable clothing, seats, and well-maintenance bikes should be the main considerations. Once you know that these things are in order, then it is time to consider where your family wants to ride.

Are you looking for the opportunity to take advantage of sun, sand, and surf before, during, or after your ride? Then, perhaps you would like to be part of a ten day tour in Italy, which includes sleeping accommodations and three meals per day. Learn about wine, coffee, and enjoy the blue waters of the Adriatic Sea while you get up and get moving with your family.

For the beginning cyclists, the group ride in Quebec would be a great one to consider. With a full-time guide and van support, you know that you can get a break when you need one or continue riding right one through. Walk, ride, and even kayak during this trip in order to learn more about yourself, your loved ones, and the wonderful history of the Magdalen Islands.

You don’t have to leave the country in order to find the bike trip that you crave.

Family time can be found close to home as well. There are bike trails all over the United States as well, including a fantastic ride in Yellowstone National Park. Single day rides travel along the Firehole River and right up to the Lone Star Geyser. There is a lot to see on this ride and it surely won’t disappoint. Single day rides are wonderful for those families who are looking to incorporate bicycling, but not quite ready to devote more than a week to the sport.

These are just a few of the adventures that you can take on two wheels, so get the kids pumped up and start exploring the roads less traveled.

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