5 Easy Ways to Check Your Google Rankings Outside of Google

After putting a lot of effort into your website and search engine optimization, you want to be able to quickly and efficiently check your rankings for a variety of different search terms.

Knowing and understand your search engine rankings is crucial towards targeting valuable terms for your website.

Google is the grand daddy of all search engines with about 80% of search traffic. But unless you want to click around to potentially dozens of pages, it can be difficult to locate your rankings on the site. So what are three easy and free ways to check your Google rankings outside of Google? Read on to find out.


1. Search Engine Genie. lots of free tools on the web for website ranking checks

Search Engine Genie offers an online tool that allows you to find out just how well your URL does in Google rankings. You need only give the online ranking tool a few keywords you expect your customers to use and the address of your website. You even have the option of changing the region or country in which your search results may appear.

Once that information has been inputted into the online form, the genie will then return with your website’s ranking. This will notify you of the success of your company’s SEO work and the odds that visitors will be drawn to your site.

3. PR Checker.

PR (or Page Rank) Checker is another free online tool that allows you to check your web page rank on Google’s search engine. Not only can you visit Page Rank Checker to find the bar where you can enter a website’s URL and locate its page rank at that time.

The tool can also be incorporated into your own website at no charge, and the site provides you with page rank buttons that you can place on your website to notify visitors of where your site falls on a Google Search.

This tracking tool is much less specific than others, but if you are trying to convince others to buy ads on your site, the inclusion of the rank buttons could convince a company that your site is worth the expense.


3. Rank Checker for Firefox.

In our opinion, SEO Book’s Rank Checker the best free tool out there for checking search rankings. It is an add-on for the Mozilla Firefox browser that can not only check your rank on Google, but also test to see how your site is doing on the Yahoo and Bing search engines.

Unlike some online tools, Rank Checker promotes itself as a company that keeps your results private. Free like the Search Engine Genie, Rank Checker functions at no cost to you, and you have the knowledge that Rank Checker will not be using your results to benefit an SEO company.

You do need to register an account with SEOBook.com to obtain Rank Checker. With Rank Checker, you can check dozens of keyword rankings simultaneously for your site and save the data.

Rank Checker also offers advanced tools like allowing you to schedule tracking, create preset keywords and select international searches. It is a great tool, but be careful when updating Firefox, as the Rank Checker add-on may not be included in the update. And this can be very frustrating.

Do you use other great free tools to check your rankings? Please let us know in the comments.

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