At first glance, motorbikes and eco-friendliness don’t seem to mix.

The ear-splitting roar of a typical road bike seems to be a defiant celebration of air pollution as well as noise pollution. However, a number of new eco motorbike offerings threaten to shatter that old stereotype.



electric motorbike
Zev Corp asserts that their ZEV7100 is the fastest street-legal electric motorcycles in the country. The sleek scooter’s three-gear electronic transmission and 7,100-watt motor give the bike a top speed of 70 mph. At a cruising speed of 50mph, the ZEV7100 has a range of 62 miles on a fully-charged battery. The Zev offers this streamlined scooter in five bold colors, as well as seating room for two adults. With an MSRP of £7’900 the ZEV7100 may be one of the most affordable high-performance eco motorbikes on the market.

Brammo Empulse 10.0

At the opposite end of the price spectrum, the six-speed Brammo Empulse boasts a 100mph top speed and a 100-mile range, all from just 4,000 watts of peak power. Much more traditionally styled than its electric competitors, the powerful Empulse promises a ride most comparable to a gas-powered bike. However, it also has a power-hungry 10 hour recharge time. The £12’999 MSRP puts the Empulse 10.0 at the top of the line in price as well as power.

Vectrix VX-1 Li

The streamlined VX-1 Li looks somewhat more like an alien spacecraft than a street-legal motorbike. With a top speed of 68mph and a top range of 60 miles, it won’t get its driver very far, but it will get its driver noticed. Available in six colors, the £10’995 VX-1 Li is guaranteed to turn heads.

Zero DS

The Dual Sport model from Santa Cruz-based Zero Motorcycles offers impressive power combined with futuristic styling. Looking rather like something from a science fiction movie, the one-speed DS has a top speed of 68mph and a maximum range of 58 miles on a four-hour charge. The two-tone Zero DS sells for £10’495.

All electric motorbikes present a trade-off between range and speed – the faster you go, the shorter your ride. On the other hand, they reduce fuel costs to less than a penny per mile. You can get good priced electric motorcycle insurance as insurance companys take into account the lower power.

Electric Motorcycles have come along way and these bikes are tough, fast and very powerful sure, the hum of an electric motor may not exactly evoke the image of James Dean and Marlon Brando, but these eco motorbikes are rebellious in their own right. After all, in the era of climate change and dwindling oil reserves, perhaps it is better to be a rebel with a cause – the environment.

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