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Improve your Chances of Getting an Interview with an Optimised CV

In 2012, the jobs market is an extremely tough and unforgiving place to be. With so many candidates going after every position, you won't be granted any favours by employers if they deem your CV to not live up to the required standard. With this in mind, you need to spend a significant amount of time perfecting your CV - after all, it is … [Read more...]

Employment Opportunity – Court Reporter

Discussion of the great employment opportunities as a stenographer/courtroom reporter. Working as a court reporter can be an exciting job for many people as they are often known as one of the most important people inside of a court room. They must be a fantastic listener and extremely accurate, as court reporters have to record every … [Read more...]

How To Setup A Charity

Steps to setting up a charity in the UK: All charities in the UK must adhere to the guidelines set by the Charity Commission. To begin with, you need to show the Charity Commission that your charity is set up for the benefit of the public at large. That is, your charity serves to help the public or a part of the public that needs help … [Read more...]

5 Steps To Your Success With Earned Media

How can you be in the news? And furthermore, get coverage without spending a pence? The keyword is earned media – the notoriety that money can’t buy. It can mean your brand is presented in broadcasted shows as well as in newspaper editorials or mediatized polls. Thanks to the outburst of internet, earned media now includes electronic … [Read more...]

Vegan Clothing, Past Present and Future

In the past, when people use to talk about being vegan, they were generally referring to their diet. They would not eat any animal products or products that were derived from animals. Now, as more people have become more environmentally and ethically conscious, veganism has become more of a lifestyle. From cleaning products to bath … [Read more...]

Solar Panel kWa Ratings Explained!

For those of us who are interested in the technical side of our solar panel installations this article gives an insight into the process , from sunlight to electricity production in your home. I also included an incredible ( and incredibly long) infographic with some very revealing figures about the real value of solar power. The … [Read more...]

Construction Going Green

Global warming and a growing energy crisis have many would-be homeowners and building operators demanding greener construction practices and completed structures that are more energy efficient. Although the initial costs are higher than with traditional construction habits, using higher standards not only help protect the environment, … [Read more...]

Increasing Handling Safety In The Warehouse Environment

Working in the warehouse can be dangerous and many accidents occur every year in such environments.  Incidents are most likely to happen when staff members are moving items, whether it is to load up a delivery van, or restock the shelves.  Staff can be distracted and have limited visibility when handling stock both manually and with a … [Read more...]

How to Give Constructive Feedback to a Company You Love (or Hate)

Consumer feedback is an important element of any business. This article teaches you how to give constructive criticism regardless of how you feel about the product How many times have you visited a business or bought a product and thought it was okay, but could be better? And how many of those times have you actually contacted the … [Read more...]

If You’re a Vegetarian Should You Raise Your Kids Vegetarian As Well?

Obviously this is a very controversial topic. Deciding to become a vegetarian is a very personal and individualized choice, and one that is not made lightly. So it should come as no surprise that the decision to raise your kids as vegetarians or not is also a highly personal decision. There are a slew of reasons people decide to forgo … [Read more...]