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The Dog Ate My Oxygen

CNN reported on a book "Time to Eat the Dog? The Real Guide to Sustainable Living" by Robert and Brenda Vale, which asserts that dogs are as bad for the environment as driving an SUV, because they are carnivores and a lot of land is required to produce dog food. Of course dogs have a carbon footprint as do humans, houses, cars … [Read more...]

Authority Builds the Foundation to a Sustainable Online Business

Why it is important to brand your self as an expert in your field Are there certain figures in your life who command respect, people who you listen to attentively when they speak? Perhaps the person could be your superior at work, a teacher, or even your father. Whoever it is, I can assure you that these people have acted in a certain … [Read more...]

Top 5 Ways to Go Green with Online Coffee Products

  Way #1: Say goodbye to Styrofoam! One often-overlooked category of office coffee supplies are the disposable coffee cups provided by employers as part of the regular break room inventory. More and more companies are moving away from Styrofoam containers and replacing them with more environmentally friendly paper coffee cups. … [Read more...]

New Food Safety Legislation Threatens Organic Farming

On January 4th, 2011, President Obama signed into law a bill that has the USA’s organic farmers worrying.  Many fear that it could cause serious problems for organic gardening, and especially those who sell their produce at farmers markets. The law is House Bill 875, or the Food and Safety Modernization Act of 2009.  It mandates new … [Read more...]

Using Online Payroll Services

Several different companies across the nation offer online payroll to help businesses with their payroll accounts, taxes, and employee benefits. Companies experience significant savings when they handle their own payroll services as opposed to outsourcing a company to perform the service for them. With an online service, you can perform … [Read more...]

Hardwood flooring business? Make sure it is sustainable

  The ever increasing cost of electricity and attention towards the effects of global warming means that we should now focus our attention towards producing efficient power. Conserving resources and cutting down on waste saves the environment along with cutting your annual costs. There are certain things you can change within … [Read more...]

Help the Environment and Save Money by Going Green

In the wake of global warming and other disasters that have begun to plague the world, many environmentalists and other persons looking to preserve the earth have started a new trend that is called “going green.” It involves persons becoming more environmentally friendly. Many have also found the trend to be a great money-saving … [Read more...]

Cottage Wildlife Gardening: Bringing it back to life

To my dismay my new neighbours replaced a thriving mixed hedgerow which was a haven for birds bees and other wildlife with a dreadful larchlap fence blocking all entrance for hedgehogs and the grassnakes which I have seen a few times in our garden. Without falling out with them ( which is not in my nature and would be a pointless … [Read more...]

7 Tech Inventions That Should Exist By Now

In case you have not been counting, it is 2011. Back in the 1980s, which seems not so long ago now, we had grand predictions for the 21st century. Flying cars, robots that do our every bidding (or sometimes destroy us), interactive holograms, colonies on other planets, and many other high hopes. In 2011, ten years after the turn of the … [Read more...]

UPDATE to Military Families Forced to Leave Pets in Japan

Immediately following reports of, and my blog post commenting on, the inability of military families to evacuate on government flights with their pets, (see previous post here on Military Families forced to Leave Pets in Japan,)an official government document, updated as of the evening of March 21st, was sent to me. This document stated … [Read more...]